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            公司憑著多年的外貿經驗,我們與港、臺、澳洲、歐美、東南亞等多個國家和地區建立了貿易伙伴關系。秉承 “為人類創造更多的物質財富”為經營宗旨,遵循“星輝實業,與世界同步”的企業精神。歡迎廣大客戶光顧來樣生產,更希望海內外的同行業互相交流,互惠合作。本著“追求卓越,務實創新,真誠合作”的宗旨,真誠企盼與國內外朋友攜手并進!

            Yangjiang Starsun Co.,Ltd locates in the hometown of knife and metal products --Yangjiang city,Guangdong,china, focus on kitchenware products, items like knives, kitchen tools, scissors, cutlery,BBQ  tool and plastic products etc.
            “Quality & Efficiency first” and “Being always faithful to our customers” is the principle we do our business. We have professional Design & Research team, who works on new ideas for both products and packaging, to meet the needs of the markets all over the world.
            We've been in this line for years, our products has been shipped to and been proved popular in American countries, Europe and South- east Asia and so on. our goal is to create as many as we can for peoples and to keep steps with the world. We sincerely welcome all customer inquiries and hope to do business with you. Thank you for taking interest in our products. For more information please view our products specification or to contact us by email. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.